Cross Country Championships 2009 – Results

Please note that if you do not wish your photograph or your childs photograph to be displayed, please contact us via the usual channels and we will remove it. If you are unsure how to contact us someone at your club will be able to give you details. We do not publish contact details on the site to protect against nuisance calls and e-mails.
U13G Ind. Result
U13G Team Result
U13G Photos
U13B Ind. Result
U13B Team Result
U13B Photos
U15G Ind. Result
U15G Team Result
U15G Photos
U15B Ind. Result
U15B Team Result
U15B Photos
U17W Ind. Result
U17W Team Result
U20W Ind. Result
U20W Team Result
U17W/U20W Photos
U17M Ind. Result
U17M Team Result
U20M Ind. Result
U20M Team No U20M Teams completed
U17M/U20M Photos
SW Ind. Result
SW Team Result
MW Ind. Result
MW Team Result
SW/MW Photos
SM Ind. Result
SM Team Result
MM Ind. Result
MM Team Result
SM/MM Photos